The Trailbell – for peaceful coexistence on our paths

With consideration, acceptance, tolerance and a bit of ringing on the trail. Especially in combination with a friendly "Hello and thank you" it's good for your karma and then nothing can really go wrong.

The fine balance: trail construction vs. trail maintenance from the perspective of trail construction

Trail building and nature conservation: creating and maintaining paths for a sustainable community

Wildlife and sport – did they get along better in the past?

More people are mountain biking. That also means more people are spending time in nature - so we need to address that.

Are we too comfortable to adjust our behavior in our free time?

There are so many little things that have to change at the same time for the big change to happen.

How much microplastic is produced by our tires?

Microplastics have been found in every lake examined in Switzerland and on glaciers - it is everywhere.

Climate Impact on Cycling – a summary by Darco

The point is that the fundamental systems that support life are undergoing drastic changes.

Do we really want nature?

But do we really want to experience authentic, untouched and wild nature? Or are we just looking for something that feels like that?

Climate impacts on cycling

3 facts about how climate can impact cycling.

Development of the European bicycle market 2018-2028

On average, 15 million bicycles end up in landfills worldwide each year.

It makes sense to invest in trails.

Sustainable trails protect the environment, reduce user conflicts and are more cost-effective.

Why you should invest in cycling in 2023

Cycling is booming and has worked its way to the top of current lifestyle trends.

4 facts about sustainability when biking

In 2022, around 9.8 million e-bikes were sold in Germany.

Trailcenter Green

A trail center that produces its own electricity. All the energy required for the facility will be produced entirely from its own muscle power

Why we should adjust our “flying altitude”.

Could this be a way to reduce the pressure on natural areas and make cities even greener?

How about electric excavators?

We are currently trying to build as ecologically, carefully and durably as possible.

Are e-bikes really less sustainable?

Determining the effective environmental impact of an activity is a complex matter.

Create sustainable flow

Flow trails have become popular because they offer a unique and exciting riding experience. .

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