Bike Park

The bike park can be designed as a downhill park (with or without lift support) or as a facility on flat terrain for advanced bikers and young people. The bike park can also include dirt jumps or a pump track.

What exactly?


Mountain bike trails and jumps of different levels


For experienced riders with a preference for speed and jumps




Usually on the mountain, but can also be built on flat land


A bike park can vary greatly in size. Show us your space and we will get the best use out of it.


On the mountain, lifts such as gondolas, chairs or drag lifts are used for transport. In flat areas, a bike park can also function without lift support.


Permanent installation. Trail network of various levels of difficulty intended EXCLUSIVELY for bikers


Usually on the mountain with an altitude difference of 150 meters or more


Structural measures for the complete or partial conversion of areas such as forest areas, meadows, recreational and sports zones

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Here we have collected projects and ideas about bike parks.

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By the way...

The VELOPARK modules also feel at home in a bike park.

The VELOPARK modules can be generated into park concepts with different focuses. Even small areas are enough to get the maximum exercise for all age groups and skill levels on the bike. 

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