Construction and Maintenance for Durable Trails

The construction and maintenance of MTB trails requires professional execution to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the trails.

Proper trail construction ensures that the routes are built to the highest ecological standards, thereby minimizing environmental impact and protecting the natural landscape.

Professional maintenance is crucial to maintaining the safety and accessibility of the trails, leading to increased user satisfaction.

In addition, regular maintenance helps to increase the attractiveness of the region for tourists and reduce the cost of repairs in the long term. This not only promotes economic development but also contributes to the conservation of natural resources.


Bike Trails

From single trails to flow trails, more technical or with lots of airtime: our international team of experts plans, builds and renovates all types of trails – close to nature, authentic and sustainable.

Hiking Trails

We also build, renovate and adapt hiking trails to meet sustainability criteria and user group's needs. From maintenance to water management and solving user conflicts through technical solutions.

Trail Center

A “trail center” is a large area or a forest in the center of which are trails and offers mountain bikers a variety of marked routes of different difficulty levels to enrich the riding experience.


Skill Center

A skill center is a widely used term and can have different meanings depending on the context. In general, it refers to a facility or place that aims to develop, improve or learn specific skills or competencies through obstacles such as bridges, balance elements, jumps or steps. 

Bike park

We define the bike park as a facility on flat terrain for advanced bikers and young people. The bike park can also include dirt jumps or a pump track.


Modular Pump Track

The movement-promoting solution for any open space, permanent or mobile: The modular pump track made of marine plywood, concrete or fiberglass is individually configured and brings flow to your area: For all roller sports equipment, all age groups, all skill levels and budgets.


The VELOPARK modules can be generated into park concepts with different focuses. Even small areas are enough to get the maximum exercise for all age groups and skill levels on the bike. 


Action plans

Action plans in the area outline detailed procedures for correcting deficiencies identified in trail condition analyses to ensure the longevity and quality of the trail infrastructure and to optimize the user experience.

Maintenance training
Trail building training

Maintenance training and trail construction training provide necessary knowledge and practical skills for the construction and maintenance of trails to ensure their longevity and safety and to minimize environmental impact.

Technical measures to reduce conflict

Technical measures to reduce conflicts in trail maintenance include special techniques and methods to minimize conflicts of use on trails, for example through route adjustments or improved signage.


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