Hiking Trails

We also build, renovate and adapt hiking trails to meet sustainability criteria and user group's needs. From maintenance to water management and solving user conflicts through technical solutions.

Good to know

What does the region have and what does the region want?

Which hiking options make sense and which don’t?

Do the hiking trails suit my target group in terms of scope and difficulty?

Can the hiking trail withstand the frequency?

Is water management good enough?

Fascination of hiking

There are endless hiking trails. In addition to flat and easy trails suitable for strollers, there are more challenging trails that are usually built by hand and with a pickaxe in steeper terrain.
The aim is to adapt, improve, simplify or, if necessary, reduce the scope and range of hiking trails to suit the frequency and target group.

Has the customer frequency changed? Can we better guide hikers with a limited range of trails? Are the hiking trails appropriate in terms of difficulty for our target group?
One solution is to simplify hiking trails to minimize the risk of injury and also to make access possible for families with strollers, for example.

Challenging climbs can then also be opened to mountain bikers in the sense of shared trails.

An important question here is always water management: Can the water drain away? This can be easily influenced by side slopes, transverse grooves and the necessary know-how, both on steeper climbs and on wider and flatter paths. 

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Hiking Trails

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