Skill Center

A skill center is a widely used term and can have different meanings depending on the context. In general, it refers to a facility or place that aims to develop, improve or learn specific skills or competencies through obstacles such as bridges, balance elements, jumps or steps. 

What exactly?


Playfully improve your riding skills through obstacles and specific elements on the mountain bike. 


For everyone. Especially popular with children, families and clubs. 


From beginners to professionals: the Skill Center is suitable for all riding levels.


A skill center is suitable for many locations: it can be on the mountain or in the valley, in the countryside or urban.


Even small areas can offer a lot: Show us your area and we will get the best deal out of it.


Can be without or with simple transportation such as a magic carpet.


The focus is on obstacles that serve to train riding technique, e.g. steps, bridges, balance elements, curves and jumps that are mainly embedded in the terrain. In addition, a modular pump track can be planned and installed.


Depending on the terrain, there may be little to no difference in height


Structurally gentle measures for the conversion of areas such as woodlands, meadows, recreational parks, old football, tennis or general sports fields

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How about even more movement and flow on a modular pump track?

The movement-promoting solution for any open space, permanent or mobile: The modular pump track made of marine plywood, concrete or fiberglass is individually configured and brings flow to your area: For all roller sports equipment, all age groups, all skill levels and budgets. The waves can be integrated as an addition to any trail center.

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