User Monitoring

Using monitoring tools, we measure frequencies and visualize the intensity of use of trails by different user groups. This enables the identification of hotspots and supports targeted resource allocation for co-existence, maintenance and management.

The use

Visual analysis

Control of user behavior

Validation of steering concepts

Validation of signage, routes & infrastructure

Diagnosis of density zones

Target group analysis

How does it work?

First of all, you should clarify what question you are pursuing with the monitoring. Is it about learning about or evaluating usage behavior? Do you need a proof of concept or should it result in concrete recommendations for action? Where are the hotspots for hikers and mountain bikers?

If budget and time are limited, for example, spot measurements from counting stations can provide data: How many hikers and how many mountain bikers were here? Unfortunately, this does not tell us what behavior is like after the measuring station. Does the mountain biker turn into the protected area, which fork in the road does the hiker take, etc.

Hybrid frequency monitoring is more specific. The values from the counting stations are extrapolated using heat maps that we can obtain using digital apps. The longer the time periods we have, the more accurate the results we can provide.

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The heat map of the canton of Zurich shows very precisely where the heavily frequented areas are.

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