Gravel Bike Routes

Gravel biking concepts develop off-road routes that utilize regional landscape features to offer a challenging riding experience and meet current cycling trends.

Fascination GRAVEL

Whether paved or not, a well-thought-out gravel bike route network combines sport, nature and culture. Alone, with friends, with family. The gravel biking trend works quickly after work or can fill entire holidays. The routes connect various main hubs, but are just as exciting as a circular loop with service points and varied experiences in all stages. A destination can attract many visitors with an attractive gravel offer, which in turn can boost the entire added value of the region. How about a Finnish sauna visit, for example, after exploring the gravel routes in Ruuka?

Gravel Bike Projects

Here we have collected some of our implemented Gravel Bike route concepts and VIEWS

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We also build, renovate and adapt hiking trails to meet sustainability criteria and user group's needs. From maintenance to water management and solving user conflicts through technical solutions.

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