Professional planning for sustainable and safe concepts for exercise, mountain biking and trail offers

When planning trail destinations and urban recreational areas, a professional approach is essential to ensure the sustainability and user-friendliness of the projects.

Professional master planning and corridor planning ensures that the trails are optimally integrated into the landscape, erosion is minimized and the natural habitat is protected.

Detailed trail and route planning ensures that the trails meet the needs of different user groups and are safe. Professional trail condition analyses are crucial to ensure long-term functionality and low maintenance needs of the trails, which ultimately saves costs and increases visitor satisfaction.


Master planning

Masterplans design a comprehensive network concept for a region or destination that integrates spatial planning aspects, land ownership and stakeholder interests to create a harmonious and future-oriented trail infrastructure.

Corridor planning

Corridor planning focuses on the rough design of individual trails, taking into account spatial planning aspects, land ownership and stakeholder interests to provide the basis for detailed trail designs and environmentally sound integration into the landscape.

Trail detail planning

Trail Detail Planning transforms concepts into precise, executable plans and trail alignments that take into account specific terrain characteristics and define technical aspects of trail to create high quality and fun trails.

Technical reports and plans

Technical reports and plans in the area of trail planning provide documentation that serves as the basis for the approval and implementation of trail infrastructure.

Submission reports and approvals

Submittal reports and obtaining permits are essential steps in the trail planning process to ensure that all trail projects comply with local regulations and environmental standards and enable smooth implementation.


Route planning

Route planners develop detailed connections and route networks based on a careful analysis of geographical conditions and user needs in order to establish a coherent, ecologically sustainable and attractive route network.

Signalization concepts

Signalization concepts define uniform and intuitive signage systems that improve orientation, increase safety and ensure a consistent user experience on the trails.


Path state analysis

Trail condition analyses systematically evaluate the current condition of trails, identify levels of wear and safety risks, and determine priorities for maintenance or improvement measures.

Restructuring plans

Rehabilitation plans in the area outline detailed procedures for correcting deficiencies identified in trail condition assessments to ensure the longevity and quality of the trail infrastructure and to optimize the user experience.


Frequency maps

Frequency maps visualize the usage intensity of trails by different user groups, enable the identification of hotspots and support the targeted allocation of resources for coexistence, maintenance and management.

Conflict analysis

Conflict analyses examine the interactions between different user groups or between users and the environment in order to identify potential conflict points and address them proactively. Hybrid frequency monitoring, which provides reliable user data, can be used to make decisions based on user intensity, speed and numbers.

Conflict Management

Conflict management includes strategic interventions and management practices aimed at resolving or minimizing identified conflicts to promote harmonious coexistence and sustainable trail use.

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