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How the Bike Republic Sölden became a first-class MTB destination

The transformation is the result of strategic planning, extensive investments and the cooperation of various stakeholders.

Levi Bike Park Finland

A cooperation based on quality, sustainability and innovation

Rusty Martin

Trail expert

Chris Kehmer

Trail specialist

Masterplan mountain bike development Mühlviertel

This sport as a form of exercise brings with it both opportunities and risks, which should be identified as best as possible and used positively, for example in workshops.

Bike Park Innsbruck

Exciting insights into the development and construction of the Bikepark Innsbruck in Mutters.

Feasibility study MTB Region Wachau

A feasibility study for the Wachau region shows its potential as a MTB destination.

Trail Building School: Roadlberg-Trails MTB Linz

Trail Building School for the construction of the Roadlberg Trails together with the MTB Linz association

Wexl Trails business model

From children's land to mountain bike destination thanks to compact offers for the whole family

Skill Trail Area Signaue

A skill trail dream for Sexten in South Tyrol

Concrete pump track for Berlin-Neukölln

Lighthouse project in the multicultural district: Construction of the Urban Edition in just 5 days

Bicycle park for decongestion in St. Moritz

Velopark modules with magnetic effect for cyclists at junctions

Simon Schwarzman

Junior Project Management Planning

ALLEGRA Academy Masterclass

The Allegra Masterclass teaches comprehensive methods for the successful development of sustainable bike destinations.

ALLEGRA Academy Basic Courses

The Allegra Academy Basics Course provides knowledge about the needs of bicycle passengers and the peaceful coexistence of all user groups.

The Trailbell – for peaceful coexistence on our paths

With consideration, acceptance, tolerance and a bit of ringing on the trail. Especially in combination with a friendly "Hello and thank you" it's good for your karma and then nothing can really go wrong.

Trail construction hand crew Switzerland (100%) m/f/d

From August to November | Switzerland

Have you meditated today?

The bicycle is an extraordinary tool and accessible to everyone: let's make it part of our everyday lives.

Under the bridge: movement in all open spaces

When "dead places" come back to life. A Hamburg success story!

Christian Thaller

Trail specialist

Daniel Lanz

Trail specialist

Counting laps, measuring frequency

By bike from Bonstetten to Cape Verde

Steps and stairs: indispensable elements in path construction

Steps and stairs in path construction: The right choice for sustainable erosion control and path maintenance. Find out why material selection and planning are crucial.

Hiking trails: Unnoticed treasures or ticking time bombs?

Sustainable hiking trails: The success factors - regular maintenance, precise manual work and effective teamwork.

The fine balance: trail construction vs. trail maintenance from the perspective of trail construction

Trail building and nature conservation: creating and maintaining paths for a sustainable community

Twin Peaks Bike Park

Niseko: Japan's top destination for mountain bike adventures.


Rich Shaggy Kid

Trail specialist

Gerry Cusini

Trail specialist

Craig Bricker

Trail specialist

Chris Bernhardt

Project management planning & trail construction

Nicolas Metthez

Sales Manager CH

Assistant Accounting, Administration & Management (50%) (m/f/d)

Annual position | 50% | Austria

Markus Geiger


Joel Dunkl

Trail specialist

Aapo Lappalainen

Tourism Consultant

Trail Master Plan Lenzerheide

Expansion and disentanglement of mountain bike trails in Lenzerheide and the surrounding area

Inventory and needs analysis MTB Canton Zurich

Sound & neutral data as a basis for the MTB strategy


Tolerance and a relaxed coexistence of bikers and hikers on the Graubünden hiking trails and paths

Trail Center

Bike Park

Heikki Stoeckel

Trail specialist

Akira Harada

Trail specialist

Adele Thöni

Accounting & Logistics

ALLEGRA locations

Turracherhöhe hiking trail

Sustainable experience through the Swiss stone pine forest

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Inclusion, yes please. The modular pump track for all roles

It is much more important that EVERYONE can play and laugh together, whether with or without a handicap.

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