Trail Center

A “trail center” is a large area or a forest in the center of which are the trails and offers mountain bikers a variety of marked routes of different difficulty levels to enrich the riding experience.

What exactly?


The focus is on riding and the variation of the different trails.


A trail center is for all ages and skill levels to take your mountain biking to the next level.


From beginners to professionals: The Trail Center is suitable for all riding levels.


A trail center can, for example, be built in a local recreation area. Forests and rural regions are particularly suitable.


A trail center should be at least the size of a football field, preferably larger. This way, a trail network of at least 2km of trails can be created.


Without promotion


At least 3 trails with a length of over 2 km in different levels of difficulty and orientations


A trail center is usually in forests – and can have topography, but does not have to.


Gentle structural measures to integrate the trails into the forest area.

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Would you prefer more obstacles?

How about a skill center?

The Skill Center focuses on learning specific skills or competencies using obstacles such as bridges, balance elements, jumps or steps. 

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