We analyse, develop and design tailor-made strategies for your region

When developing destinations and regions, we attach great importance to a sustainable, systematic and professional approach.

Our targeted approach includes careful consideration of the economic, social and ecological needs of local communities in order to ensure the sustainable success of trail and mountain bike tourism or the development of regions. The analysis of basic conditions and requirements forms the starting point.

In tourist regions, we implement the Canvas Business Model to always emphasize the economic added value for the local economy.

In urban and leisure areas, we focus more on the needs of users, stakeholders and the ecosystem. Through this holistic approach, we aim to improve both the quality of tourism offers and the well-being of the community.


Benchmark studies

Our benchmark studies provide a comprehensive comparison of your region with leading mountain bike destinations, reveal strengths and development potential and identify best practices.

Potential analyses

Potential analyses for destinations provide detailed insights into a region’s current and future opportunities in the field of mountain bike tourism in order to enable well-founded strategic decisions.

Variant studies

Feasibility and variant studies for regions evaluate the feasibility of trail tourism projects, identify optimal development paths and help minimize risks and maximize chances of success.

Market Demand

Needs analyses for regions or destinations determine the specific requirements and wishes of the target groups in order to develop targeted, customer-specific offers that ensure high levels of satisfaction and long-term loyalty.



Inventory and
Needs analysis

Inventory and needs analyses provide insight into the existing offerings and future requirements for trail offerings in the region in order to ensure sound planning and development.

MTB & Trail Strategies

Cantonal or regional mountain bike and trail strategies define a framework for the development of mountain bike concepts that takes into account the specific conditions and potential of the region and promotes sustainable growth.

User Co-existence

Coexistence concepts develop guidelines and measures that ensure harmonious coexistence of different user groups on trails and minimize conflicts.

Trail User Concepts

Concepts for slow traffic in the region promote sustainable forms of mobility, integrate bicycle and trail use into traffic planning and improve accessibility and safety for all users.


Trail tourism


Route planning

Trail tourism route planning develops detailed connections and trail networks based on a careful analysis of geographical conditions and user needs in order to establish a coherent, ecologically sustainable and attractive route network.

Gravel biking concepts

Gravel biking concepts develop off-road routes that utilize regional landscape features to offer a challenging riding experience and meet current cycling trends.



ROI analyses for trail tourism projects provide detailed insights into the return on investment by evaluating the benefits achieved relative to the costs incurred to support informed decisions.

Business models

Trail destination business models develop sustainable strategies to capitalize on the region's unique characteristics, creating value for visitors and stimulating the local economy.

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