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From single trails to flow trails, more technical or with lots of airtime: our international team of experts plans, builds and renovates all types of trails – close to nature, authentic and sustainable.

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Not all trails are the same. Every mountain, every requirement and every situation is different. This means that trails can be adapted to the user group: trails can be planned and built for every level of difficulty and every type of bike. Flat or steep. Technically demanding or jump-heavy. But also beginner and family-friendly. Wider or narrower. This can be done via flowlines, cross-country, enduro, all-mountain trails, jump lines or even downhill routes. Basically, every type of trail has a certain basic character or difficulty. But here too, there are many ways to adapt and vary them through construction and design.


Where does ALLEGRA come into play? Whether it's about "spring cleaning", repairing brake bumps, trail renovations or reconstruction work. From water management to maintenance to defusing or adjusting curve radii. Our team of experts plans, builds and renovates all types of bike trails. We want to create a natural, authentic and fun (biking) experience for the user. The aim is to keep the impact on nature as low as possible. We use the features of the mountain and nature. At the same time, our trails are as low-maintenance as possible, are fun and put the biker in a flow state.

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Our goal is to make the bike trails as sustainable as possible; we attach great importance to quality. This also means planning and building low-maintenance and sustainable trails.

Close to nature

Our trails are optimally adapted to the conditions of the mountains, the forest and nature. For us, this also means as little interference with nature as necessary so that it can recover quickly from the interference. 


Creativity is important to us. It should be fast and fun to get the bikers into the flow state. At the same time, we want to create a natural and authentic experience.

Projects related to bike trails

Here we have collected some of our implemented bike trail projects and VIEWS

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We also plan, build and renovate hiking trails

We also build, renovate and adapt hiking trails to meet sustainability criteria and user group's needs. From maintenance to water management and solving user conflicts through technical solutions.