Benjamin Trotter

Project Management Tourism & Mobility

Hello Benjamin 

Who am I and why ALLEGRA?

As an ecologist and mountain biker, it is important to me to do something environmentally friendly for the environment with my work. That is why, before my time at Allegra, I also worked for Germany's largest nature conservation and mountain sports association. The question now is why Allegra? There are several reasons for this, which have to do with the direct work and the people. On the one hand, the influence as a planning office/consultant for authorities is different because here professional and objective arguments are made. On the other hand, it is nice to see not only the development in the area of "MTB" that we work on together, but also the personal development that all project partners go through over the course of the project.

My favorite product at ALLEGRA? 

There is no one favorite product. It is more the interaction between the different products. Developing a strategy is exciting, but only makes sense if you have first discussed the initial situation objectively and can then evaluate it sensibly.

But if I had to choose a specific product, it would be "hybrid frequency monitoring". Showing authorities where and how many mountain bikers are out and about is the key to creating successful control measures and ultimately seeing whether these were successful.

What do I most like to talk to you about? 

Fiat Panda 141 4×4.

The most important thing is to understand your needs as a customer. This is why exchanging ideas is extremely valuable, as we can use it to find and work out a specific solution to your challenge together.

AreaProject Management Tourism & Mobility
SpecialtyAuthority consulting and monitoring
LanguagesEN, GER
baseBressanone, IT

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