Development of the European bicycle market 2018-2028

On average, 15 million bicycles end up in landfills worldwide each year.

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Fact 1:

In 2022, bicycle sales in Europe generated 22 billion euros. The industry expects annual growth of around 4.6% by 2028.

Fact 2:

80% of sales on the European market in 2028 will be generated with e-bikes – this is already the case in Germany and the Netherlands.

Fact 3:

On average, 15 million bicycles end up in landfills worldwide each year.

Fact 4:

The production of a carbon frame produces 16 times more kg of CO2 than that of a steel frame, and unlike the latter, it is very difficult to recycle.

Source: EY Bicycle Study, Development of the European bicycle market 2018-2028, June 2023


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