Do we really want nature?

But do we really want to experience authentic, untouched and wild nature? Or are we just looking for something that feels like that?

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A reflection on our longing for authentic nature experiences.

Darco Cazin is the founder of Allegra.

It is understandable that many people feel the desire to get out into nature to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, breathe fresh air and connect with the environment. In fact, spending time in nature can be refreshing, relaxing and beneficial to your health.

Amid the megatrend of neo-ecology, we strive to live as close to nature as possible with our daily coffee, our clothes and our social media posts. But do we really want to experience authentic, untouched and wild nature? Or are we just looking for something that feels like that? The answer is uncertain. The song "In der Natur" by the band Deichkind offers an interesting perspective on our longing for nature experiences.

The song criticizes the idealized portrayal of nature in our society today by highlighting that life in nature is not always as picturesque or idyllic as it is portrayed on social media or glossy brochures. Nature also holds other truths, such as hurting your foot, failing to get a survival book, being cold, feeling alone, and lacking amenities like oat milk and heating.

In this sense, the song invites us to look at nature from an unbiased perspective and to critically question our idealized ideas. This way we can honestly confront our desires and expectations when we decide to go into nature.

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