The Trailbell – for peaceful coexistence on our paths

With consideration, acceptance, tolerance and a bit of ringing on the trail. Especially in combination with a friendly "Hello and thank you" it's good for your karma and then nothing can really go wrong.

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Mountain biking is very restrictively regulated in Austria and trails may only be used with the consent of the landowner. But regardless of this legal reality, mountain biking also takes place in Austria's mountains. Even away from approved routes, as these are only available in a very limited number of places in sufficient form, in a modern and attractive way. In most places in Austria, MTB trails are in short supply. 

But in our view, coexistence is only very slightly dependent on approval. It is about encounters between people with similar needs and motives, but different sports equipment. As you shout into the forest, so comes back. And we would like to support this "call" with a ringing. As a charm offensive, the trail bell is a sign of considerate behavior and more respect on the mountain. How encounters take place still depends on the people themselves, and not on the sports equipment chosen. We are convinced that coexistence is also possible in Austria's mountains. With consideration, acceptance, tolerance and a little ringing on the trail... 

The Trailbell from Alpine Association Austria is meant to usher in a new era. A time for more respect on the mountain and for better cooperation on our paths. Whether on the trail, on the hiking trail or on the forest road, this bell rings gently and early, announcing it to us mountain bikers and preventing moments of shock.

Especially in combination with a friendly “Hello and thank you” it’s good for your karma and then nothing can go wrong.

“Good to know”: The Trailbell itself is attached directly to the handlebars or the chest strap of the backpack with a Velcro fastener. The clapper can be secured with a magnetic band. There are three modes: Completely open: then the Trailbell rings. Press the clapper lightly to the side and it rings softly, or you can secure the clapper with the magnetic band if there is no one in sight and you don't want the bell to make any noise.

It is also a good tool on forest roads or for tobogganers and can prevent accidents and frightening moments.

By the way, in Switzerland too, the Trailbell is already one of many measures within the framework of the FAIRTRAIL - Campaign.


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