Inclusion, yes please. The modular pump track for all roles

It is much more important that EVERYONE can play and laugh together, whether with or without a handicap.

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I dream of a better world.

Everyone is talking about inclusion, but let's be honest: does a child in a wheelchair want to be put in a special swing that no child would want to sit in? Do the kids think it's great to be able to use their wheelchair on the extra wide paths around the "normal" play equipment that is of no use to them? Not really. I wouldn't feel comfortable, you'd just be sitting around in the way, you couldn't really be part of it, you could only watch, you could only use some of the special play equipment. It's not inviting. It's much more important that EVERYONE can play and laugh together, whether they have a handicap or not. I'm glad that there are solutions. If it were up to me, every village, every schoolyard, every park, every campsite would have a modular pump track. Erik, the founder and inventor of the PARKITECT® pump tracks, didn't create the extra wide and non-slip track for all wheels for nothing. A wide curve radius makes "surfing" extra safe. And the practice straights in particular are ideal for conquering the waves as a pump track newbie or in a wheelchair. Together. On the same piece of equipment. In the same direction. Just everyone on their own wheels.

Let's experience REAL inclusion. Help me create a better world.


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