Tänndalen Cycle Park

How the VELOPARK turns a ski resort into a year-round offer.


ProjectVELOPARK Ski Resort Tänndalen
PerformancePlanning and construction
customerTänndalen Ski Resort
LocationTänndalen, Sweden

Project description:

Tänndalen is known as one of the largest alpine ski resorts in Sweden. While the slopes are the main destination in winter, Rasmus Bent, CEO of Tänndalen Ski Resort, has created a special attraction for the summer: a VELOPARK right in the valley area, in front of the popular restaurant, which is known as the traditional "ski hut" in winter.

Since the construction of the VELOPARK with various modules and trails of varying difficulty levels, sizes and heights, the region has seen an increasing summer influx of tourists. While children and adults can test and improve their biking skills on the playground, parents and those seeking peace and quiet have the opportunity to observe and enjoy the hustle and bustle from the veranda of the ski hut.

«This is our third season using Velopark products and everything holds up very well, due to the strong construction and choice of materials. It has been such a great success so we are actually planning a new Velopark bike playground at the top of the mountain for next summer (2024)."

Rasmus Bent CEO Tänndalen Ski Resort

target group:

The VELOPARK is aimed at visitors as well as locals. The well-known ski resort Tänndalen will thus also become an attractive destination for the target group that comes in winter for skiing and winter sports.

Location & Size

In the valley area of the Tänndalen Ski Resort there is the Velopark with a small practice area and 300 meters of trail, with numerous rollers, jumps, boxes and balance modules.

Special feature:

When winter sets in, the VELOPARK modules can be dismantled and stored quickly and easily to make room for skiing. Minimum effort, maximum effect. So quickly dismantled, so quickly set up: Next spring, the VELOPARK will be up in no time at all, and it will be time to start pedaling again. A complete package with perfect infrastructure: trails, catering and mountain railway included!

What makes the story a success story?

  1. Perfect selection of modules for the right target group
  2. Easy and quick assembly and disassembly
  3. Complete package with perfect infrastructure: trails, gastronomy and mountain railway on top!


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