Modular Pumptrack Canton of Zurich

Record numbers and funding on the Modular Pumptrack Classic Edition from the Canton of Zurich: BY BIKE FROM BONSTETTEN TO CAPE VERDE


ProjectModular Pumptrack Classic Edition Boatbuilding Plywood
PerformancePlanning and construction
customerCanton Zurich
LocationBonstetten, Zurich, Switzerland
Planning and implementation timeSummer 2023

Project description:

The Zurich Sports Office and the Bicycle Transport Department jointly own three mobile pump track systems. These go on a school tour in the canton of Zurich every year from March to November. One school can enjoy the modular pump track free of charge for three weeks at a time. 

This is also the case with Municipality of Bonstetten and diligently collected laps together for three weeks in the summer. Over 70,000 laps were completed during this time. That's 12 days without using a cell phone, 236,000 calories burned and over 4,600 kilometers cycled.

Target group, location & size

Cannot be measured with numbers: The social interaction! All generations, all skill levels, all roller sports equipment, all user groups come together, show consideration for one another, laugh, learn, help one another, wait, cheer on the 65-meter-long World Cup layout, which is located on the sports field in the municipality of Bonstetten in the canton of Zurich.

Special feature:

  • A total of 70,821 laps were completed on scooters, bicycles and all kinds of roller sports equipment on a track length of 65 metres. This means that a total of 4,603 kilometres were covered: The distance between Zurich and Cape Verde!
  • The kids and adults spent 295 hours pumping on the mobile waves. 12 days in which not cell phone batteries were used, but rather muscles, lungs and brains. More together!
  • Wow! 321 burgers and drinks were consumed, that's 236,000 calories, more exercise for all generations!


Unter der Brücke: Bewegung auf allen Freiflächen

Wenn "tote Orte" wieder lebendig werden. Eine Hamburger Erfolgsgeschichte!

Counting laps, measuring frequency

By bike from Bonstetten to Cape Verde

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Expansion and disentanglement of mountain bike trails in Lenzerheide and the surrounding area

Inventory and needs analysis MTB Canton Zurich

Sound & neutral data as a basis for the MTB strategy


Tolerance and a relaxed coexistence of bikers and hikers on the Graubünden hiking trails and paths

Turracherhöhe hiking trail

Sustainable experience through the Swiss stone pine forest

Inclusion, yes please. The modular pump track for all roles

It is much more important that EVERYONE can play and laugh together, whether with or without a handicap.

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We also need more and better framework conditions for recreational cycling and cycling education.


A gravel destination created by water.


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