Modular pump track for Zarrendorf

Concrete wave dream in the URBAN Edition


ProjectModular Pumptrack Urban Edition Concrete Zarrendorf
PerformancePlanning and construction
customerMunicipality of Zarrendorf /Niepars
LocationZarrendorf/Niepars, Germany
Planning and implementation timeSummer 2023

Project description:

The municipality of Zarrendorf / Niepars has fulfilled a dream.

A previously unused lawn was quickly converted into an exercise area. The result? A modular pump track made of concrete modules. The Urban Edition made of prefabricated concrete elements is particularly robust and durable. This variant can be integrated particularly elegantly flush and permanently into the subsoil, as here in Zarrendorf, or can be placed in the open space. Also available with a 1.4m track width, for even faster and safer driving. 

target group:

The Skill Center is aimed at a diverse group of users. Mountain bikers of all ages, from 2 to 75 years old, and with different riding skills, from beginners to experts, will find a suitable challenge here. In addition to riding fun, the Skill Center also offers the opportunity to learn good mountain bike technique, which in turn helps to prevent accidents.

Location & Size

The Modular Pumptrack is located on a lawn next to a large play area with a football pitch and skate elements

Special feature:

The Urban Edition of the Modular Pumptrack is particularly robust and durable and suitable for long-term use. The pumptrack can either be placed on the surface or integrated flush into the ground.


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