Velopark Centrala Stadsrum

Urban bike playgrounds for the very little ones (areas)


ProjectUrban VELOPARK
PerformancePlanning and construction
customerCentral City Hall and Kopparstaden
LocationFalun, Sweden

Project description:

Two relatively similar VELOPARKs were built in the Centrala Stadsrum shopping center and on the village square in Falum, Sweden. The central location and quick accessibility make the parks suitable for spontaneous visits without much effort. The VELOPARKs were built on slight elevations or platforms to create a level surface, which is particularly useful for small children to prevent them from getting too much momentum. Wood chips or mulch ensure safety between the individual elements and under the more challenging modules. In addition, the VELOPARKs are fenced off with ropes to ensure additional safety and to comply with opening times.

target group:

These VELOPARKs are suitable for small children from 3 years of age. The very clearly laid out areas with additional benches are suitable for absolute beginners and provide safety, fun and self-confidence for newcomers to two-wheelers - real bicycle playgrounds.

Location & Size

The VELOPARKs are located on a village square in Centrala Stadsrum and in an outdoor shopping center in Falun/Sweden. Both VELOPARKs are clearly laid out, very centrally located and can therefore be reached quickly and easily. The variety of seating options and landscaped green spaces contribute to the attractive and inviting infrastructure, also for spectators. The VELOPARKs were built on comparatively small areas (size XS), but they still have an impressive effect. Despite their limited size, the areas were used optimally and are an absolute highlight for visitors and users.

Special feature:

This way, the children can be active on the rental bikes while the parents can take a break, watch and keep an eye on them. This not only provides safety when the children later use the bike in traffic, but also allows them to gain early access to cycling and build basic skills. Early exposure and the development of a relationship with the bike are important building blocks that help ensure that the bike is later used as a preferred means of sport and transport. This is beneficial for health, as well as for the wallet and the environment.


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