Mike Maurer

Managing Director, Owner Movement

Hello Mike

Who am I and why ALLEGRA?

Driven by the question "How does a customer find the right product for their needs?", I have spent around 30 years of professional experience searching through various industries and examining the topics of sales and marketing. As an enthusiastic mountain biker and winter sports enthusiast, I immersed myself in the sports industry with my question, where I learned a lot about needs and products in addition to sales and marketing. Later in the watch industry, I was fascinated by the demand for perfection and precision, while the software industry showed me how digital tools increase efficiency and solve problems. In addition to work, our kids practically grew up on the pump track, where we had a lot of fun together and it became clear to me how important cross-generational exercise opportunities are. So it was an easy decision when Claude and Darco asked me to work for Allegra to expand the sales of modular pump tracks. We now live in Lenzerheide, spend a lot of time on the trails with our kids as well as on the pump track, and know the value of sustainably planned mountain bike infrastructure for the whole family.

My favorite product at ALLEGRA? 

The Modular Pumptrack provides even the youngest with an infrastructure for more fun and exercise on all wheels. Away from the screen and into reality in the fresh air. In addition, the Modular Pumptrack offers unlimited flexibility and modularity like no other roller sports infrastructure I know of.

What do I most like to talk to you about? 

I find the most exciting part is the exchange about your needs and your current situation. This can help us to learn a lot about how we can continue to keep our offerings in tune with the times.

AreaManaging Director, Owner
SpecialtyModular Pumptrack & VELOPARK
LanguagesDE, EN, FR
baseLenzerheide, Switzerland

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