Vanessa Gorgal

Project Management Tourism & Mobility

Hello Vanessa

Who am I and why ALLEGRA?

At work, I am dynamic, efficient and reliable. In my free time, I love bike touring and hiking. In life, I prioritize "how" rather than "what". I chose ALLEGRA because it brings the mountain bike into our lives. And it does so very successfully.

My favorite product at ALLEGRA? 

Trails, especially with touring character.

What do I most like to talk to you about? 

Do you want to know what potential your region has in terms of mountain biking? What, where and how you should develop this product in order to steer the right flows? How you could successfully integrate it into your strategy? Then I could certainly help you, first by listening to what is important/a priority for you.

AreaProject Management Tourism & Mobility
SpecialtyBike touring in rural and mountainous areas
LanguagesIT, ES, EN, DE, FR
baseTicino, Switzerland

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