ALLEGRA Academy Masterclass

The Allegra Masterclass teaches comprehensive methods for the successful development of sustainable bike destinations.


ProjectALLEGRA Academy
PerformanceIn-depth training courses for project managers in the mountain bike industry
customerTo all those who have a deep connection with bikers
LocationYou can find the masterclass here online.

Project description:

The ALLEGRA Masterclass provides a deep understanding of the methods for developing successful bike destinations. The course includes potential analysis, market understanding, and the development phase with the Allegra model (trail, services, identity). After completion, participants gain a deep understanding of successful destination development and can create sustainable ecosystems.


Participants gain in-depth knowledge of the target group and their needs as well as an overview of on-site user management. The masterclass is particularly suitable for project managers in the bike industry.

Special feature:

The Masterclass combines theoretical knowledge with practical methods and places particular emphasis on a clear and structured approach to destination development. The courses last approximately 11 weeks. You can join at any time and complete the courses of your choice at your own pace.

The ALLEGRA Academy is location-independent and time-shifted.

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