Kevin Suhr

Project Management Tourism & Mobility

Hello Kevin

Who am I and why ALLEGRA?

My goal? Rock projects, promote the experience of nature and inspire people to take a little more care of our environment - so that my son and his generation can also feel the outdoor spirit later on. I started mountain biking 15 years ago to eat cookies at my grandparents' house. Today I love the flow and the technical challenge when biking - alone, with friends or with my family. I am currently discovering gravel biking - here I can have great adventures right on my doorstep. I have been on board at Allegra since January 2024, but back in 2016 the company inspired me to write my master's thesis on an indicator system for sustainable bike trails. In the meantime, I made excursions into the bike industry and other companies in trail construction and was able to gain experience across the entire spectrum from pulling asphalt wheelbarrows during the construction of pump tracks to the operational management of companies and teams of up to almost 15 people. Why Allegra? Because here ambition meets clarity and results count more than the process. With my training in geography and business administration and a knack for project management, I am ready to break new ground in the development of mountain bike regions. Want to chat? I'm always up for an espresso or cappuccino!

My favorite product at ALLEGRA? 

Just like coffee, Allegra doesn't have my favorite product. A cappuccino in the morning, an espresso in the afternoon before the bike ride, sometimes a fruity brewed filter coffee and a Bialetti when camping. It's the same here: the right product at the right time.

What do I most like to talk to you about? 

That's easy: via the best coffee shop in your region 😉 And of course, the question there is how to get more people on bikes, build a great community and at the same time take care of nature!

AreaProject Management Tourism & Mobility
SpecialtyProjects, cantonal funding, strategies and concepts
LanguagesDE, EN, FR
baseOlten, Switzerland

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