Heikki Stoeckel

Trail specialist

Hello Heikki

Who am I and why ALLEGRA?

As a young boy, I was drawn to a nearby BMX track. Later, after graduating from industrial design and working in product development in the snowmobile industry for fifteen years, I once again longed for two wheels and nature. Entrepreneurship in mountain bike tourism became increasingly my focus and I dedicated every day to improving conditions. Now, as part of Allegra's top team, surrounded by leading professionals in the field, I couldn't ask for anything better. Mountain biking in stunning places around the world has given me so much, and I want to bring world-class trail planning and construction to Finland as well. My goal is to create great experiences on ecologically sustainable mountain bike trails in my home country of Finland.

My favorite product at ALLEGRA? 

My favorite is definitely the VELOPARK, the trail center or the skill park. These should be near every kindergarten and school so that every child has the opportunity to have fun cycling and learn new skills on the bike. Besides the skill park, it is important to mention another of my favorites: flow trails. For example, I can enjoy the new flow trail in Ylläs, Finland together with the whole family. On top of that is the knowledge that these cycling children will grow up to become cycling adults… and as we all know, cycling creates a better world.

What do I most like to talk to you about? 

What elements contribute to an engaging cycling experience? Can a mountain bike trail also serve as environmental art? How do you build flow trails in the snow?

AreaTrail Specialist
SpecialtyTrail planning, design and construction
LanguagesEN, FI
baseRovaniemi, Finland

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